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Why don’t my pictures show up on my website?

These are the most common reasons your pictures aren’t showing up on your website:

1. You haven’t refreshed the web page.
If you add an image to your site and then try to view the page, your web browser might be storing the old page instead of the new version that has the new image. Just refresh the page and any changes you have made to the page will show up.

2. You’re linking to an incorrectly capitalized filename.
picture.jpg is not the same file as picture.JPG

3. You forgot to FTP the image to your domain’s directory.
Remember to upload the image to your domain’s directory with your FTP program.

4. You FTP’d the image into the wrong directory:
This is easy to do, especially if you have sub-directories or multiple domains.

5. You have an error in your HTML code:

Check your page’s HTML code. The link to the image should be something like this:

< img src = “image.gif (or .jpeg or whatever)”> If the image is in the same directory (folder) as the page where it will appear.

If you have left off a quote mark, <, >, =, misspelled img src, or made any other kind of typo, the image won’t show up.