8 Tips for Using Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website

1. Fill out your Twitter profile in its entirety. Add a biography to let people know who you are and what you do. Put your website or blog URL into your profile, and upload a photo, even if it’s just your agency logo. There’s nothing worse than being mistaken for a spam account, because your account has no information.


2. Tweet consistently. Your followers are more app to pay attention when they know you show up on a regular basis. Post at least once a day–more frequently, if you can. Users will quickly ignore or unfollow you, if you don’t provide frequent updates.


3. Automate your website and blog updates with RSS. Services like TwitterFeed and various WordPress plug-ins make this easy, so you don’t have to manually update your timeline with these URLs. Of course, you should consider reposting them, with different text, throughout the day to reach a wider audience.


4. Share content from other people. It’s easy to get into a “me, me, me” mindset on Twitter, but you want to avoid this. Share others’ content, as this shows you’re not selfish. It also gives you content to talk about when you’re running sparse. Is something going on in the local economy, or does your area have something to offer new residents? Let followers know!


5. Encourage people to follow you with deals, discounts or giveaways that are only available to people who follow you on Twitter. Everyone wants something for nothing, and Twitter is no exception.


6. Use services like Klout to find those accounts with whom others are dying to communicate. Build connections with those who already are influencers to accumulate your own audience, or simply jump in on the conversations people are having with those popular accounts. Some users have over 10,000 followers and love to chat. Plus, you can look at what they do right and incorporate that into your own activity.


7. Join the conversation. When you see someone communicating with popular accounts or the hottest trending topic is in your industry, join in. Actively search for the keywords that relate to your area and industry with Twitter’s search feature. When you see that someone’s discussing things pertinent to your own interests, chime in. Add your opinion and expand your network by being chatty.


8. Don’t forget about hashtags. This feature of Twitter is one of the easier ways to attract followers who might not know of your existence. When you participate in a hashtagged discussion, you improve your visibility, so if you’re talking about “#seattle”, those people who are interested will see you and, hopefully, follow, too.

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