Succeed with Your Online Business with Brain Host Ecommerce Hosting 

A business that sells products directly from their website is referred to as an ecommerce business.  In order to create a website that will allow you to sell products online, you’ll need to get set up with a reliable e-commerce hosting provider.  Your ecommerce hosting provider should be able to offer you everything you need to sell your products and services online, including the ability to collect and process online payments.  An ecommerce hosting company should also offer SSL certificates, which you’ll need to protect your online customers’ privacy, as well as the ability to use any of the different shopping cart programs out there.

Brain Host’s ecommerce programs include:

A reliable ecommerce hosting provider should have the following features:

  • Credit card processing and payment gateway options
  • Internet merchant account solutions
  • Online reporting and transaction management
  • A virtual terminal to enter mail and phone orders
  • The ability to quickly organize your products on your site
  • The ability to create product categories and upload product pictures
  • The ability to quickly update product information and track inventory
  • An integrated product search page

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